Spatial Data Management
Waterschap Brabantse Delta,
Marc Pouw
“GeolinQ is the link in the joint mowing plan between the water board, municipalities and other authorities.

What was the challenge?

“Efficiently merging the mowing plans of multiple governmental organization to a joint mowing plan”. Partnering between the water board and municipalities and other authorities has been expanded over the years. The data management in these partnerships is becoming increasingly important. The data of the partners should be exchanged easily and managed and stored uniformly. As a result, we started looking for a product that could fulfill these ambitions and we selected GeolinQ.

What was the approach?

Every municipality and other participants have access to a GeolinQ portal to upload their mowing plan data. A generic mowing plan data model is configured in GeolinQ to validate and combine the data automatically to the joint mowing plan.

What was the outcome?

Each participant can view their data (information products) in GeolinQ or via map portal. In addition, the information products can be accessed via web services.