Spatial Data Management

Water quality based on satellite data

The water quality of rivers, lakes and seas is of vital importance for all plant and animal species. The national government and water boards monitor the water quality for characteristics such as chemical substances and water clarity. When water quality is insufficient immediate intervention is needed. Traditionally, measurements are made with sensors in the water and analysis of water samples. However, the value of measurements can vary greatly from location to location.

By using satellite data, changes in water quality for large bodies of water can be measured several times a week. Measurements such as the amount of chlorophyll can be detected with satellites. The processing of satellite data into usable water quality datasets is the workfield of niche parties.

With GeolinQ processed satellite data such as the amount of chlorophyll and results of measurements from water samples and sensors in the water can be accessed via the map and processed into information products.

Mapping water quality

Measurements of, for example, chlorophyll ​​from specialist satellite data suppliers can be accessed via the map as map layers. Additional map layers with data derived from more traditional water quality measurements from sensors on the ground such as chlorophyll, temperature and chemical composition can be added. The changes in the water quality of an area over a period of time can be made clear with a time-slider in the map.

Graphs and trend analysis

The change in water quality at a location over a period of time is immediately clear at a when the measurements are visualized in a graph.

For trend analysis a trend line can be plotted in the graph. The time component and order of the polynomial of the trend analysis are adjustable.

Combine satellite data and water samples

Information products that make use of the power of the different measurement methods can be made by combining the changes in water quality from processed satellite observations with the highly accurate measurements from water samples and sensors in the water.

Up-to-date water quality information per location is available when these information products are visualized on a map. The moment deviations from the water quality are identified on the map, measures can be taken immediately.

Discover the strength of water quality maps based on satellite data with GeolinQ.

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